Monday, April 20, 2015

The Polish Princess

May I present to you
Her Serene Highness
Crown Princess Ava
House of Wilder-Zhan

The Polish Princess
 makes her much anticipated debut amongst the commoners and loyal subjects.
And possibly cardiologists. 

1485 mg of cholesterol resides in the palace
52 mg of healthy fat in the walnuts  
Everyone knows the antioxidant  benefits of dark chocolate cancels out saturated fat grams
So there you go!.

I fear The Princess tried my patience sorely with Her endless demands..
If not for Faithy's instructions and Raymond's early post,
I would have fled the kingdom.

This was not a complicated cake to make, per se, it was just 
never ending.
I started to hear a lot of cursing.
Oh, wait,  that was me.
When I pulled out the last half inch of parchment paper in the box,
there may have been a complete meltdown.
Fourth trip to the store.
Does anyone remember the bee sting scene in Ever After?

But it was the walnuts that put me over the edge.  Toasting is one thing, but rubbing the skins off
is truly annoying.  Then it came to me in a flash, why not give them a 
a damn good thrashing ?

Popped into a plastic box and relentlessly shaken, the skins nearly all came off just like garlic. Made a terrible mess sifting the skins in a wire mesh strainer, but at this point what's another thing to wash in the growing mountain of dishes? 

Principessa is one high maintenance lady.
The scullery maid was no where to be found.

It's rather a blur but I do remember adding lemon oil to the Vodka tea syrup in addition to the lemon juice.
Alas,   back in 1917 Poyotr Smirnov fled Moscow during the October Revolution.  Eventually making his way to Lwow ( formerly Poland) before having to flee once again..  So it seemed reasonable to use Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka.
Plus my brother had an opened bottle at the back of a cupboard.

Poking the cake with a shish kabob skewer was great fun.
That cake batter was a true test of faith in Rose.  

I gave up brushing all the syrup over the cake.  It was turning gummy.

So onto a cocoa powder explosion and the cook nearly lost her head.
Once mixed into the buttery custard cream all was forgiven.
And she got to keep her head.

The Princess's crown jewels were hidden within the second layer of 
custard cream.

No one is the wiser golden raisins lurk within
blueberries, cranberries and cherries.

And she slept for the night in a grand four poster.

Image result for images  four poster bed

Or maybe I dreamt  I slept in a grand four poster bed.

Today is another day.
With a sprinkling of gold sugar over
and a grating of chocolate
she is quite delectable.

Now I must be off.
The royal Fitbit has decreed I shall be walking to Utah.
Be back in time for the Lemon Jammies.

 The Princess has one last Royal Decree~


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  1. OH, AND a very deep curtsy to the Principessa!!!!!!!!! How adorable is she in her most glorified gown and tiara - She will be showing off her grand delicacies with great aplomb as represented by the enticing slice we see. Others may certainly enjoy all gathering in the Court, Ladies in Waiting, sipping Vodka -- or whatever. Thank you for your grand Presentation and Inspiring photographs. Indeed multi-talent must be found in the dynasty.

  2. I thought I was commenting on the other page with you picture and other comments and don't know how to get this comment over there, do you?

  3. [I see it arrived here by magic -]

    ****I also wanted to say that your presentation was the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hilarious Vicki! I love it. I also will need to walk to Utah.

  5. Enjoyed your wit! Very creative post. By the way, your cake came out beautifully.

  6. I'm with you on your Utah trip. I guess we'll have to meet there. Love the crown--very właściwy!

  7. LOL! Vicki, you are so funny! I love your post! Best ever! Your cake is just like a princess and tiara is so appropriate too! LOL!

  8. Vicki, this is your best post yet! The princess looks very lovely, demanding as she may be.

  9. Just LOVED your post! It was hilarious and yet the cake is perfection itself. You have proven yourself a loyal subject, no doubt! Best to you, Vicki!

  10. Vicki, best post ever!!! Do this again! You are so creative. Love the whole drama. I hope when you get back from Utah the principessa will be in a better mood. Maybe you'll bering her 1 cacti as a present? :)