Sunday, April 12, 2015


Dattelkonfekt cookies have to be the easiest of all Rose's recipes. 
They are far easier to make than pronounce!

These date meringue cookies only came to be because of  The Alpha Bakers.
I would never willingly make meringue cookies.

But these are not like jiggly wiggly meringue on top of lemon meringue pie.

Even my mom detested meringue and substituted a sweetened sour cream topping from her cheesecake recipe after Marie Callenders added it to their menu.

So count me a teeny bit skeptical.

But these cookies surprise!
These cookies are like a chewy confection, reminiscent of  Italian nougat candy, only much lighter.

Dates and almonds are pulverized separately, then together.

Egg whites, vanilla and sugar are whipped until ultra thick.
The date and almond mixture is then tipped in and combined.

Get out the Back-Oblaten wafers and deal them 
round the cookie sheet.
Fill a pastry bag or use teaspoons to drop the dough onto the wafers.  
Pastry bag is the better option for neatness and aesthetics.
Drop method makes for interesting shapes.
Not quite certain what purpose the wafers serve unless to prevent sticking.

A few drops of orange oil added to the last of the batter really upped the flavor.

Let them cool.  
This recipe could easily adapt to different flavors and additions.
Mini chocolate chips come to mind. And pistachios. 
I even think they could come very close to the many flavors of  my favorite 
Larabar by substituting cashews. .
Plus the sky's the limit on flavored oils!

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  1. Mini chocolate chips would be great!! I think I would prefer much better than dates! :) Yours look wonderful!

  2. Beautiful job, Vicki! I love your suggestions for variations, this cookie might have a future in my repertoire.

  3. Glad you liked these, Vicki, they certainly look good. I particularly like your pistachio idea.

  4. this go so well with some ginger spice, clove or/and cardamom also peanuts instead of the almonds give it more crunch and depth in flavor.

  5. Hi Vicki: I enjoyed your blog post and photos! I confess, I didn't enjoy this cookie as much as I had hoped. Mine turned out completely flat! :-(

  6. orange oil! that sounds so good. i would like to get some chocolate into them, too. and you hit the head on the nail when you called these similar to nougat!