Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Panettone Milanese from Emporio Rulli

The San Francisco Chronicle had a full page article featuring a bay area bakery that is somewhat famous for its panettone called Emporio Rulli,  owned by Pastry Chef Gary Rulli and his wife Jeannie.  He was seriously trained in Milan in the art of panettone.  It fascinated me and when I clicked on the video, I was mesmerized.  And eventually a little disappointed that we did not  have to hang our Golden Orange Panettone upside down like Milanese bakers.

Reading his panettones are sent worldwide and to VIP chefs in the U.S., I  ordered one

It arrived today!

Unwrapped,  the orange scent was reminiscent of  the one we made, only less fragrant,  not being straight out of the oven.  Cutting into it, the crumb and texture looked just like some of the Alpha Bakers.  Here's the fun part, it tasted almost identical to Rose's recipe!  The raisins were soaked in something different and chestnut honey is referred to in the article instead of golden syrup, but that is all.   I, and others,  actually think Rose's recipe has the better flavor.   Can you believe it?    We made panatonne that seriously equals a very respected Italian bakery 's signature bread.  High fives to all of us and a big giant Well Done to Rose!


  1. yow!!!! thanks for reporting. can't wait to see the weekly summary. you all have been so amazing.

  2. Bakers hug all around.!!!! We obviously rocked it. But, they why should we not, we had the best guidance in Rose...

  3. Yay!! So what we baked is authentic Panettone! Now i have to re-program my mind to think this is the way panettone should be. LOL!

    1. Faithy, the one you had in Italy might have been made with 00 flour and egg whites. Since they are hung upside down to cool, they can have softer crumb structure. There's an annual panettone competition in Italy and they must contain egg whites in a specific ratio to egg yolks. That might make them airy.

    2. Here's the Panettone Italian competition math. If you figure it out, can you let me know?! http://magazine.expo2015.org/cs/Exponet/en/taste/panettone--legends-and-secrets-of-christmas-s-favorite-sweet-treat

  4. I wonder what the hanging does to the panettone? Is it supposed to enhance the flavor or something? Makes me think of salami now.....