Monday, January 26, 2015


Q&E.  Quick and Easy.  Quick and Easy Gingersnaps are up this week with Rose's Alpha Bakers, out of the kindness of Marie's Post Panettone heart.

You know what was not quick and easy?  Finding Golden Caster Sugar. When even Amazon is out of Golden Caster sugar, you know that it must be seriously good sugar. Not one grocery, market or deli, including three Whole Foods in three separate counties had or heard of golden caster sugar.

A lovely bag of sugar sat on the grocery shelf calling me with its Island Ausukal song and the bewitching name:  Mascobado  Cane Sugar.  It promised "to have all the versatility of everyday  granulated sugar plus an amazing depth of flavor that makes it the ultimate secret ingredient".  Sounded good to me.

Batch # 1 Fail

I was wrong.  Mascobado Cane Sugar made the dough incredibly dry.  It's on a long time out in the freezer until I can figure out what to do with it. A second try with regular brown sugar mixed with standard Trader Joe's organic sugar and the Gingersnap dough finally looked like dough.

You know what I've never done with cookies before?  Weigh each of them before baking.

Or taken their temperature.

 I can't believe I've lived my entire sweet toothed life without ever knowing the versatile joys of golden syrup.  Thank heavens  in 1883 a brilliant chemist named Charles Eastick figured out how to take discarded leftover teacle syrup and turn it into a sweetened preserve for cooking.  This was no easy feat.  It involved a lot of chemistry alchemy.  
Abram Lyle & Sons was never the same.  Do you think Mr. Eastick got promoted or at the very least a large annual bonus?  Stock options?

Real Q&E batch # 2.

I then made batch number three, well half a batch, substituting coconut oil for the butter.  Melting in the pan with the golden syrup, it began to smell heavenly.  I added a bit of vanilla and dose of cinnamon to help boost the flavor lest the absence of butter make the dough too bland.  It did not disappoint.  

Batch # 3 Dairy free version

The flavors are nearly identical and now the entire family can partake of Mr. Eastwick's brilliant concoction.  No one thinks they resemble gingersnaps at all.  My brother thinks they taste like something called 
Stone cookies from Hawaii which truly are named after a rock.  These "gingersnaps" are nice and soft and chewy.  Not a snap in the bunch.  They are definitely going on the holiday cookie baking list..   

But look what cookbook was on Amazon promising sweet mischief. It can't arrive soon enough.


  1. Great ideas for substitution using coconut oil Vicki! How did they taste? I love the Lyle's Golden Syrup as well! I did find the Caster Sugar at my whole foods btw. Great job!

  2. Ohh coconut oil! Ideas galored in my mind for next time. Making notes in the book so I don't forget. And agree golden syrup is like Mecca in my kitchen now.

  3. Ooo, another cookbook to add to my collection. I love Lyle's Golden syrup too. Every store I go to I look for it. Great post and I'm impressed you tried so many different things.

  4. Vicki, Now I understand your taking-the cookie's-temp comment. You did the same thing! It feels so silly. I can't believe you made three batches. Who ate them all?

  5. Three batches! Impressive. Strange that sugar soaked up so much moisture. Bless Marie's post panettone heart(!) for giving us these so early in the bake through.

    Great post and love that you are all turned towards the power if golden syrup (never knew those facts before). It is also bliss on porridge (oatmeal?) with cream. Ahem not for the diet days...

    Are you marmalading yet with all that windfall Seville fruit or is it still a bit early?

    1. Vicki, I always wonder if you've been able to collect all those Sevilles since you talked about them way back in the Heavenly Cake days. Keep us posted!

  6. I am amazed you made these 3 times! Did your cute granddaughter get to taste them?

    Golden Syrup cookbook! Dangerous!!!!!!

    I haven't seen Seville oranges anywhere. When is the season? I'd love to try Rose's marmalade.

  7. Awesome cookies! made 3 batches?

  8. All hail to golden syrup! I love that you tweaked the recipe to include vanilla, cinnamon, and coconut oil. How fun! Great post - hope you'll stop by to see mine.

    Patricia @ ButterYum

  9. Muscobado sugar is excellent in oatmeal...that is if you're not taking Nicola's suggestion on using Lyle's! Thank goodness this was quick and easy so doing three batches probably wasn't too terrible :) I usually can find Golden Baker's at Whole Foods; wonder why your stores didn't have any.

  10. Vicki, asian house lizard is a house gecko. They are un-invited guest. Here's more info:

  11. Hi Vicki--Great looking cookies! At least you made your cookies in three consecutive batches....I made mine all at once. I really love this recipe, and I LOVE the golden syrup! I am so glad Rose introduced us to the wonders of this ingredient. I hope you'll find a minute to stop by and see my results at Happy baking!

  12. Golden syrup is the best! Yummalicious :) Your post was really funny and you are so dedicated to make batch after batch. I would probably have just given up and tossed everything in the bin while I shook my fists at the heavens :)

    Can't wait to see and hear what comes out of your Golden Syrup Cookbook!

  13. Thanks for your progress report! It really inspired me to make them and to foresee what blunders I would have made. Thanks for your sharing the misfortune along side the fortune with such humor.

  14. Wow! Three batches is impressive. I still have some of my first batch "resting" in the fridge. Loved reading your post. Quite funny. :) The Golden Syrup Cookbook is so tempting. Great find. Not sure if I can resist that one!

  15. You didn't take the temp of every cookie did you? :) Does the cookbook include golden syrup dumplings? A favourite delicious childhood pudding.