Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Candied Orange Peel

Quick run down should anyone else want to try Kate's (of Kateflour UK fame)  recipe found here for the Panettone..  There are not any weighed amounts for ingredients, it was a bit of a guess. My oranges were on the small side so I added an extra.  Using a spoon did not work for me but a small knife with a wavy edge did.  This was the "hardest" part of the entire process other than patience while the peels bubbled away in the syrup.  Near the end, it was difficult to tell how much syrup was left due to the amount of bubbles produced while simmering.  Taking it on and off the heat was the only way to tell.  She's not kidding when she says "Don't let it burn."  It would be very easy to burn at the end thinking there was more syrup underneath all the bubbles.

I debated about spraying the cake rack with oil for drying but didn't know if it would affect the flavor.  I should have lined the pan underneath with plastic wrap as some fell through and hardened.  Covered with plastic wrap they dried overnight resting on the rack/pan combination.

I was afraid I hadn't made enough and was shocked to find it weighed exactly the right amount.  Still, extra would not have been a bad thing.  The flavor is far superior to the expensive imported Danish brand the Italian deli has and I'm very fond of those.  This was a surprise.


  1. Awesome - I'll be picking up some oranges from the grocery store tomorrow.

  2. very pretty! do you eat them straight or put them in something?

  3. This is so wonderful! I usually just buy and not bothered to make them.

  4. I also made candied orange peel this week Vicki. They are really good. I used a different recipe. Will have to try Kate's next time.

  5. ב''ה

    I think I may use this. Thanks for posting about it.

    Did you also use the lemon in the recipe?