Monday, January 12, 2015

Black and Blueberry Pie Do Over with Dairy Free Crust

This second Black and Blueberry pie is made with Rose's suggestion of draining the frozen berries, reducing the juice and mixing in the cornstarch until absorbed by the berries.  I needed a pie dough that is dairy free.    King Arthur's site had one made with oil.  The dough was incredibly oily which made me wonder if it could withstand the bubbling berry juices.

I decided to pre bake the shell and a disk for the top, bake the berries on their own, cool and then pour them into the shell.  The berries were prepped to Rose's instructions then poured into a nine by thirteen glass pan and covered with foil, with a few slits cut to mimic a crust.  Completely winging it, I baked it at at 325 degrees until the instant read thermometer reached 212F 100C after about thirty minutes.  Success!  The juices were perfectly thickened.

 I'm not sure this is going to be my go to dairy free crust but it's a start.  I will say one thing, this berry filling is such a hit with everyone.  Personally, I would love it as jam with morning tea and crumpets.

Huzzah!  No soupy juices! 


  1. You made it again? What a sport Vicki!! 2nd time is a success! Now you make me want to try making it again! Looks so delicious!

  2. Oooh, jam is a great idea! How did the dairy free crust taste? We have a large number of Vegan families in our area, so I'm beginning to experiment with these types of recipes. Any suggestions or things to avoid?


  3. What dedication! I can't believe you baked all the components separately (for a second time). It is a relief when things work out after a hiccup.

  4. Very clever, to bake the crust separately to keep it from getting soggy! I've had an oil crust once, I didn't like it much as it wasn't very flaky but yours looks really good! And now your sweet granddaughter gets to eat pie :)

  5. I'm so glad you found a crust for your granddaughter :) Did she enjoy the pie?

    Your filling looks AMAZING! So thick and rich. How was the crust? It looks almost like a shortbread or English digestive biscuit, I'm curious as to the flavor.

    1. I'm not crazy about the crust flavor; it was just passable. I think it's possible to do better, maybe with a combination of coconut oil and something else. Plus I'm going to play with toasting the flour.

  6. Beautiful filling. When I'm pressed for time, I sometimes bake my top crust separately and plop it on top of the filling, kinda like what you did, but for different reasons.

    Patricia @ ButterYum

  7. Did your granddaughter like the dairy free pie? The baked berries looks delicious.