Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Yorkshire Popovers

Yorkshire Popovers

What fun these light and airy popovers are
Rose's Melting Pot

I have wanted to make these
ever since I started watching
All Creatures Great and Small
on PBS.

I didn't think I would ever come across
a recipe that used something besides beef fat.
I'm grateful Rose devised this recipe.

So simple with flour,
salt, sugar, butter,
milk and eggs.

After these are mixed together,
the batter is well chilled,
then poured into a very hot
buttered muffin pan.
I'm definitely ordering 
a proper popover pan.

Filled with cheese-y, herb-y
scrambled eggs
they are delicious.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. The popover with scrambled eggs looks scrumptious! I don't know what popovers are exactly - are they an American version of Yorkshire pudding?

    1. Nearly the same thing. From what I gather, Yorkshire pudding is generally made in the same pan the meat was baked/roasted in with the meat drippings. Popovers are made in either a muffin/cupcake or proper popover pan either in beef fat or melted butter. Popovers can be then be used either in a savory or sweet way. My husband went crazy filling them with peanut butter and jam. He said it's the best peanut butter sandwich he's ever had! Go figure....

  2. My mouth started watering just looking at that picture of the popover filled with eggy cheesy goodness!