Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cherry Sweetie Pie

This pie is a sweetie, indeed!

While checking out at Trader Joe's
with sweet cherries,
the lady scanning my groceries
asked if I had tried 
Rainier Cherries?
She said they were sweet,
sweeter than the dark red bing cherries,
with just a hint of tartness.
How could I pass them up?

Both kinds of cherries, plum puree,
sugar, cornstarch and salt 
all cooked together
until thickened.
I love this step
Rose devised 
to ensure thickened filling.

Lemon zest and vanilla are 
stirred into the cooled cherry mixture.

Popped into Rose's 
Cream Cheese Crust
for a nice chill before baking.

Baked until the juices started to bubble,
aroma filled the house.

And then the three hour wait!
We made it one and half hours
and cut into it.

The filling had the perfect flow.

The flavor is amazing.
The crust flaky.
If ever there was a perfect
sweet cherry pie recipe,
this is it.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. Lovely!! The filling has the perfect consistency.

  2. Really great looking! And okay - so there is no need to wait for more than 3 hours!!!

  3. Your pie looks perfect! I've always wondered about the Rainier cherries so thanks for the description.

  4. Hi Vicki, it looks absolutely wonderful your cherry pie and the top of your crust is pretty..

  5. so luscious--beautiful job. finally got to look at your posting. crazy two weeks but all's well.