Monday, July 11, 2011

Butterscotch Spiral Coffee Cake


I cheated.  This is Whole Foods pizza dough.  Whole Foods makes the best ready made pizza dough for under $2.00.  I didn't even hesitate when I spied it on the shelf.  It took me a nano second to rationalize that it could be turned into the dough for Flo Braker's Butterscotch Spiral Coffee Cake.  And it worked! I fully intend to use this dough for a great many more things other than pizza.

The cinnamon and cardamom kneaded into the dough easily.  I doubled the Butterscotch glaze and it bubbled out of the pan all over my oven so I wouldn't advise doing that again. Perhaps increasing it by half would be better. It's definitely a decadent cinnamon roll. Everyone loved it.


  1. Good to know about Whole Foods pizza dough. I adore cinnamon rolls and these do look decadent. We made the roasted peppercorns that you mentioned on someone else post. Great idea!

  2. What a great idea, Vicki. It turned out great! But one of these days, you should give homemade yeast dough a try :o) Now that you've conquered genoise, I have faith in you that you can conquer yeast dough as well! :o)

  3. Smart to use whole foods pizza dough. They make good pizza!

    Btw, I tried the roasted peppercorn! YUMM!!!! So good! Will not be able to go back eating it the old way again. Thank you!

  4. YUM! And I'm so glad to know about the pizza dough, thanks for sharing.

  5. Great idea! I have been making my own dough for a bit. Turns out pretty good! Are you surprised? :)