Monday, April 18, 2011

Southern (Manhattan) Coconut Cake


Southern (Manhattan) Coconut Cake is one spectacular cake.  The crumb is light and delicate.  The coconut custard Italian meringue buttercream is basically butter spun into a cloud.  Since both my husband and son detest the texture of coconut, I left it out and added more coconut extract.  For the rest of us coconut lovers, I toasted some and sprinkled over slices.  Instead of frosting the sides of my petal shaped cake, it was easier to slice the cakes in half and slather frosting between the four layers.  So far, everyone likes it very much.  I don't much trust myself around this thing.  It's so deceptively light.  Cut into slices and tucked into the freezer, it does quite well when thawed.  


  1. Looks yummy Vicki! I love your decision to not bother with frosting the cake.

    I see in the background the Pirouette container is used to hold kitchen utensils! Way to go reusing it!

  2. So clever Vicki..i too should just add more coconut extract too if i were to make some..maybe i might venture and try cupcakes!

  3. I love your four layer daisy shaped coconut cake! I think it enhances the party-like persona of this cake.

  4. Oh, that looks really yummy!