Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let the Fruit Cake Begin

Who's making fruitcake this year?  Last year the Heavenly Cake Bakers made Rose's Fruitcake Wreath.  Honestly, I never in a million years thought anyone in my family would like this cake, let alone, love it.  They
constantly snitched those wrapped and resting in rum.  I'm not certain any of the fruitcakes made it to Christmas.

There was much merriment when I announced I was off to buy candied fruit.  That jar doesn't look like much, most of the pretty cherries are underneath the lemon and orange peel.  I have no idea why I find the daily turning of the jar fun, but I do!  And if you've never read Joe Pastry's tale of his father's annual fruitcake, it's a delight.


  1. Vicki, I was just thinking yesterday that I should make fruitcake this year. Just went to read Marie's post from last year about it. Where did you get the candied fruit? I heard from Rose's forum that Walmart has it, so I'm going this afternoon to check it out.

  2. I've never made fruitcake. Is there still time for it to be properly rummed up?

  3. ME! I made Rose's fruit cake again just's my family fave fruitcake now! And i had the fruits soaked since last year! Can you believe it? it was soo full of rum..LOL!