Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truffle Cookies

My Truffle Cookies look nothing like Ginger Elizabeth's Truffle Cookies, which isn't too surprising, but they taste pretty darn good.  The thing is, the dough is supposed to rest for fifteen minutes before baking.  The  baby granddaughter woke up, one thing led to another and the dough didn't just rest, it took a good long nap, a very long nap, which made the dough quite stiff.

I called Ginger Elizabeth's Chocolates and spoke to her husband.  He said it was alright to share this recipe with family and friends but Ginger asked that it not be posted online via Facebook, blogs, etc.  If any of you  would like the recipe, please email and I'll send it along.


  1. alright, yum, these might have to be made this weekend! did you go for the 1 ounce scoop or the 1 teaspoon when forming them?

  2. These look delicious and super chocolatey. Yum! Does the recipe come with weight measurements? If it does (or at least state how to measure the flour), I'd love a copy of the recipe. Thanks Vicki!

  3. I like anything truffles! Looks yummy! I can't find your email address anywhere on your blog. Can email me the recipe too? pretty please! :) Thanks!

  4. Hello this cookies look amazingly gorgeous...I can ask you for the recipe please.
    My email address is

    I am pastry chef from Argentina. I worked in London.
    Thank you so much, regards, carolina