Monday, November 1, 2010

Draw the Dog

Y'all may remember a few short months ago my life was relatively drama free. Not chaos free, but drama free.

That was before Daisy the Alpha Chihuahua Mare came into our home.  Don't let this little darling fool you for one second.  She has taken over.  Rules the roost.  Wears a Snuggie.  Bosses around the cats.    Shatters wine glasses with a single bark.  Sprouted wings.  Nothing is too high or off limits.  She has a tenacity and cunning that makes her a perfect candidate for the CIA doggie core.  Does the CIA have a doggie core?

As I type, Her Majesty is taking a regularly scheduled morning nap perched on my lap.  I could set the clock by this nap.  I fear when the clocks go back for daylight savings time.  She must be dreaming about having the lead in Swan Lake because her tiny paws jete mightily.

Be that as it may, I want to introduce Draw the Dog.  This is a fun site co-hosted by a former Disney illustrator.  He takes dog photos then illustrates them into a cartoon with Bruce Kasanoff.  This alone would be entertaining but the real kicker is being able to watch as the cartoon draws itself.  Sign up for their daily email and start the morning with a hearty laugh.  They are having a contest.  You can read about it on their site.  It's for a good cause. The winners get to choose a favorite dog rescue group to receive a fundraising cartoon.  You might know a nice blog to submit.

On another note,  the Bostini has been pre-empted by a very nasty virus which has thrown me under a bus.

The most I can manage is lemon ginger tea with a side of aspirin.  Much grumbling amongst the natives who have eagerly anticipated the Bostini .  They suffer.  They suffer much.  There is no mercy once one is found out to bake weekly from Rose's Heavenly Cakes.  


  1. Draw the Dog is adorable. How you're on the mend soon.

  2. Oh Vicki, feel better soon! I hope you'll be on the mend by free choice week - then you can make the bostini.

    Cute dog! Yes I know the cute ones are the naughtiest :).

  3. OMG how adorabel is she.. even if she is a terror.... hope you feel better soon.

  4. well, that precious creature is endearing to say the least! They do run the show, that is for certain. Sorry about your vapors, but the ginger tea sounds like a perker-upper.
    If I were you, I would certainly try to do the Great Bostini. I think it is really awesome. The subtle orange chiffon cupcakes pastry cream and chocolate. Be still my heart!
    Hope you are well soon.

  5. oh no! feel better soon. at least free cake week is coming up and you can soothe the natives with bostinis then. her majesty is very cute, even if she is the queen of chaos!

  6. Your dog is very cute. Our dog is half Chihuahua and half West Highland Terrier. She is also cute with extra trouble.

    Get well!

  7. Aw... she's so very cute! I love reading about how she's turned you and your home upside down since she arrived. What fun she must be!

    Thanks for letting me know about PW - I'm headed over there to check it out.


  8. Get WELL SOON! The doggy terror who brings smiles and winces, too cute! The bostini will have to wait for another day. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and talk to you soon, Shandy