Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rose's Lemon Poppyseeds (Cookies)

Rose's Christmas Cookies is a treasured book on my shelf.  Many years ago Land O' Lakes Butter had a special offer for Rose's new book and my mom sent it to me.  My daughter, who was quite young at the time, immediately took to it, spending hours pouring over the pictures and reading recipes.  Through the years she made several recipes, each one a winner.  Yesterday I was only too happy to pick up ingredients for her and my granddaughter to take over my kitchen and mix up a batch of these delectable goodies.

Rose describes these Lemon Poppyseeds as the cookie variation of her Cake Bible Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake.  The cookies are rolled in ground almonds for a nice, crunchy coating.

I love lemon poppyseed cookies and these are by far the best I have tasted.  Chosen because they are in the section designated to be especially suitable for mailing, it's going to be quite hard packing these little gems up and shipping them off.  These cookies will definitely be on the annual list of requested holiday cookies.   The lemon zest filled the blustery, cold rainy evening with the most amazing aroma.

We always joke that whenever something goes "missing" in my house, all we have to do is buy another one and the original turns up.  That is exactly what happened with this book, only in triplicate!  Somehow we double ordered on Amazon; one or two clicks too many.  This worked out quite well since I have enough books for my daughter and each granddaughter to have their very own copy.  If I was allowed only one cookie book, this would be the one.


  1. The cookie book was my first Rose cookbook. I've probably made about half the cookies in it, and I've never had a bad result.
    I especially love these!

  2. sounds wonderful!! i have this book too! I'm going to bookmark this cookie page!