Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hackeysak Sacaduro rolls
are quite scrumptious
even if they failed to
blossom into petals. 

Fun volcano sponge step

First up was one of my favorite of Rose's recipes,
The Basic Hearth Bread,
for the dough.
Had I realized this was needed for Sacaduros,
I could have made them back
when I mistakenly made the dough for
the Pretzel Bites.

Mixing the sponge into dough

Is it too dry?
Is it too wet?
I wish there was an instant read thermometer
that measures moisture in dough.

The dough behaved nicely during risings.


It was much too wet to form petals,
and instead formed puddles around the butter slices.
I tried out Trader Joe's new cultured salted butter,
leaving out the sprinkle of salt.
It's very nice butter.

I baked up half the dough and put the 
remaining in the refrigerator for the night.
Maybe a night chilling will make a difference.

Regardless of the lack of shapeliness,
they are delicious.
My husband,
who has zero appetite
from being in and out
of the hospital
absolutely loves them.
The texture is the perfect
for his discerning Italian palate.
Go figure!


After refrigerating half the dough overnight,
which had gone through all the risings,
it was wrapped around butter
and thrown in the oven
on a cookie sheet.
No flour coating, 
no pizza stone,
no ice cubes for steam.
The flavor is spectacular; 
the crust nice and soft.
What a surprise.

Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I have got to check out this recipe from the book! Best wishes for you husband. So happy that you were able to bake something that he found appetizing. xoxo.

  2. These look wonderful! Glad to hear your husband likes it and feeling better soon!