Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mud Turtle Pie

Just one taste of this pecan pie and
the flavor profile completely caught me
off guard.
I mean, really, haven't we all had 
far too many overly sweet pecan pies in our lifetime,
smiling through gritted teeth at our Thanksgiving host?
Those days are over.

Rose is so on point
combining Muscavado sugar with Lyle's Golden Syrup,
butter and vanilla.  The eggs and cream hold it all together with
another layer of richness.

Notice Kahlua 
crashed this party.
There's something so appealing to me
flavor wise adding Kahlua;
I was converted after the 
Frozen Pecan Tartlettes.
It breaks through any cloying sweetness.

Such an easy recipe and actually 
quite soothing;
standing and stirring the filling 
until warm enough to pour 
over the pecans
waiting in the pre baked pie shell.

It's a great Autumn mixture.
My imagination ran a bit wild, wondering
what it would be like over apples,
poured over a pumpkin cake
or bubbling in a fondue pot?

The chocolate ganache topping 
is a blend of white and dark chocolate.
Rather than spreading it over the pie,
I kept it on the side 
and poured it for those that wanted 
the full Mud Turtle Pie experience.

I need a couple of these

The white and dark chocolate ganache topping is good.
It would make delicious truffles.

The milk chocolate is lighter, 
letting the flavor of the pie filling shine through. 
This ganache was made with chocolate which had
caramel filling and it worked great,
playing off the caramel undertones of the pie.
Increasing the ratio of cream to milk chocolate
kept it from being too sweet.

Actually I would prefer Rose's  filling
poured over mine

Rave reviews so far!
And it's even better the next day.
Rose Levy Berenbaum


  1. So clever of you to serve the chocolate on the side, it's great to be able to customise your own pie experience. Your slice of pie looks so appetising...muscovado and golden syrup really did make this pie shine.

  2. Excellent idea with the chocolate sauce on the side. I shoulda done that. I loved the pecan filling, but the chocolate made the whole thing too much. The pecan filling was incredible, incredible, delish

  3. Love your post as always - pics look great and your pitcher fabulous! I am behind but hope to do this on Suday after month-end reports are done. Your remarks will halp and look forward to sharing your observations.

  4. I think most things are better with kahlua. This is a great recipe - it could so easily have been too sweet.