Sunday, September 20, 2015

Honey Cake for a Sweet New Year

Rose's Honey Cake for Rosh Hashana
has so many flavors that honey is but a faint note in the background.
This suits me just fine.  I am not a great fan
of honey in pastries of any sort.

I am a fan of spice cakes and of chocolate cakes.
This cake has both.
It reminds me of the mayonnaise date cake
my mom used to make back in the day.
I actually think dates would be quite good in this cake,
along with Lyle's Golden Syrup and cardamom,
but I held firm to the recipe,
this time. 

Loads of ingredients.
The flour and coffee are off to the side.

Such an easy cake to make;
the dry ingredients in one bowl,
the wet in another with the sugar
and then combined together with honey.
I used Grand Marnier because that is 
what is left in the cupboard.

Can't believe my baking drinks cabinet is bare;.
had quite a Rose collection going there for awhile.

The oranges weren't particularly flavorful
so I added 1/2 teaspoon orange oil.

This is the soupiest cake batter
I have ever come across.
It's absolute alchemy how it 
all bakes up together.

While looking for my bundt pan,
I noticed this old one piece Angel Food cake pan.
It must have come from my mother in law's
when we closed down her house.
I can't bare to see cake pans tossed.
I wish they could tell me their stories. 

I like this cake.
It seems old fashioned and homey, 
just the sort of cake for a special family holiday.

The Grand Marnier and orange oil play well
against the orange juice.
The coffee and cocoa powder play off each other.
And the honey?
It ties the spices together in a subtle way.

We could all use a Sweet New Year. 
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I love the idea of cake pans telling their stories. Great post! Cardamom is a yummy idea.

  2. Wow - it does seem to take on a different dimension - It presented beautifully didn't it? and the whisky and orange and cocoa and coffee - I'll bet it was really good - and homey, yum.

  3. Love the idea of the addition of cardamon and orange oil,,,mmmmmm - now you have me thinking; Kim used Grand Mariner as well; I think I might have use my orange liquor that I like so much - I loved the reminiscence of your post as well! Great Post!

  4. What a good thing not being able to throw away memories. Your description of the cake is so spot on...lovely cake!

  5. I wonder what kinds of stories cake pans would tell. I'm afraid mine would say something like "She dropped it on the floor and used it anyway." I used a little orange oil too, and for the same reason, but I think it made the orange flavor stand out too much.

  6. Mayonnaise date cake!? I'm going to have to google that. Dates would be great in this and would almost make it into sticky toffee pudding.

  7. I thought so too, that date will be lovely in this cake. yeah, honey cakes have a bad reputation for being overly sweet or dry, so i found it a real change when it moist and flavorful.