Sunday, July 12, 2015

Molasses Cakeletes

It never fails.  Whenever there is a recipe with multiple components which requires
intense concentration, as in The 4th of July Cheesecake, the following week's easy recipe always gets bungled.
In this cake, the Molasses Cakeletes.  
It has to be one of Rose's easiest recipes with the fewest ingredients.

So what was my mistake on the first go around?
I forgot to pull out a portion of the crumbly flour mixture
before adding the molasses mixture.  
I also used very dark molasses.  It's been in the cupboard
since one of Roses's last recipes which was heaven only knows how long ago.
It made them too heavily flavored and the littlest minis downright gummy.

For today's do over, I went in search of light molasses
without success.  I improvised with three parts Lyle's Golden Syrup
to one part dark molasses.  This made for a much nicer flavor.

Seriously, this is the simplest batter. I found it easier to
spoon the batter into the cupcake pans rather than use a
spouted cup.  I tried three pan sizes; mini, small cupcake and 
regular sized silicone cupcake molds.

The minis were the hardest to remove intact until
I tried a plastic mini fork.  It was the perfect size
to ease them out in one piece and flexible enough.

We liked the texture of the larger cakeletes.
The small ones were too moist even though 
sufficiently baked.  This happened with the first batch,  too.
I thought it might be the flour spray and used coconut spray dusted
with cocoa powder today.  Have to say, it added just the merest hint of chocoate
which goes really well with the molasses.

I like this recipe and think it will be fun to play with the flavors using straight
Lyle's Golden Syrup and maybe cinnamon or cardamom and vanilla.
I'm always on the look out for good vegan dessert recipes for kids who
are dairy and/or egg free. Trying this with gluten free flour would make it a grand slam.
The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum 


  1. Oh the dusting pan with cocoa for the "merest hint of chocolate" was a great idea… so is trying with gluten free flour. The two treacle combo is nice too :) lots of good ideas.

  2. Looks great! Seems as if we are all circling the campfire and coming up with good ideas for a lot of delicious results - love the hint o' choice

  3. This is the one vegan recipe; glad to know that!

  4. I also preferred the texture in a larger version, and ended up throwing some away that just seemed undercooked.

  5. I baked mine much longer that stated..I think was 5 more minutes.. or was it 10?

  6. It's always the same way when you think something going to be simple. Now I'm wondering if my molasses is okay but there was no choice at the supermarket. I guess I'll just give it a go. You cakelts look delicious anyway and I like the cocoa idea.

  7. the cocoa powder is a great idea! i keep wondering how these would be if brown sugar were used instead of white and omitted the molasses? since brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses added, and everyone likes the taste of brown sugar, maybe that would make these more palatable to molasses haters.

  8. Thanks for the great flavouring suggestions,Vicki! I will also make these again and cut down on the molasses considerably.

  9. I needed to bake mine longer too, and they were still a wee bit moist. I worried that I had over sprayed the cups, but time seemed to take care of that problem. Overall, I enjoyed these cakelets.

  10. Mine needed a longer bake as well, and perhaps so
    me zest or something to liven them up a bit.

  11. Hi Vicki: mine were exceptionally moist too, I think I will try your idea and make it in a larger version. Your dusting of cocoa is inspired!!