Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fourth of July Cheesecake

This is the most sublimely decadent cheesecake I 
have ever had the pleasure to taste.
Such a silky smooth texture.

Rose upped the standard by which all other
cheesecakes can be judged.

I won't say this is an easy dessert to make
but it is also not difficult.  Just time consuming. And takes a fair bit
of concentration.  

The cheesecake itself is very easy;
just loads of cream cheese, sour cream, eggs, lemon juice,
sugar and vanilla.  Loads.

The base varies from traditional cookie crust in that Rose 
chose to use her Red Velvet Cake. 
I followed her suggestion to substitute water for 
the red food coloring. 

A strawberry glaze was made rather than the raspberry because I had
an unopened jar of strawberry preserves.
This is spread over the top of the cake to help the cheesecake adhere.
As if all this wasn't enough, Rose encased this creation with her
sublime Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate frosting.
That in itself could qualify as dessert.

Blueberries are glistened with a sweetened cornstarch and sugar glaze.
My son requested raspberries so I followed the same method,
and turned both of the leftover berries into sauces.

I have to say, the raspberries are quite good this way.
I will make this cheesecake again and again 
with maybe just Faithy's blueberry sauce or raspberry sauce.
Honestly, this cheesecake can stand on its own
with the simplest accompaniment. 
The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum 


  1. Totally agree, this cheesecake can stand on it's own… but I do like sound of raspberry sauce on the side. Blueberry/raspberry top is pretty and I bet delicious!

  2. Vicki, you are so right--this cheesecake is the BEST! I can never be satisfied with any other now!! Love your combination of the berries, what an inspired idea! You did a great job! Thanks for your comments on my blog, BTW. I am a Wilton cake decorating teacher. Fun job!

  3. I like how you said " loads" of sour cream and cream cheese :-) This is the best cheesecake i ever had and I never use any other recipe it work every time. I love the strawberry idea it's sound so good, and your cake came beautiful.

  4. I cheesecake ever! I love you had raspberries at the sides too! :)

  5. This is so beautiful! [as usual]. Love the addition of more red theme and flavor ... mmm

    Thanks for helping me get posted!!!

  6. The raspberries are a great idea, their tartness would cut the sweetness of the cake and they also look really pretty.

  7. What a beautiful cheesecake, Vicki! I'm happy you loved it too. Is there really such a thing as a cheesecake that's too rich? I had to laugh at your comment regarding teenagers and typing! ;-)