Saturday, March 21, 2015

Luxury Oatmeal Cookies


What's it?

This.  It's an It's-It.

Not really but it could be! The Alpha Bakers made cookies this week, The Baking Bible Luxury Oatmeal Cookies.  They are pure BR&;R Baking Rest and Relaxation. There is something so soothing about mixing up homemade granola with a bowl and a spoon to meet up with chocolate chip cookie dough. Put these two together and it just begged to be turned into a chocolate inside out It's-It ice cream sandwich 

Continuing along these retro lines, the scale stayed in the cupboard and out came the measuring cups and spoons.  Let's have a bit of fun, shall we, and throw caution to the wind!

Oats, walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon and salt are doused 
with maple syrup, Lyle's Golden Syrup, honey # veered off recipe, sunflower oil, vanilla extract
and Boyjian Orange Oil # can't I follow directions?

Seriously, I could have stirred this forever.

Into the oven for twenty minutes and then five more for extra measure.  The kitchen became perfumed with cinnamon, vanilla and orange.

Nice and crunchy with a few clusters here and there for nibbling taste testing.

On to chocolate chip cookie dough,  America's favorite cookie. Easy peasy to mix up and then pour straight into the granola along with golden raisins lest they be noticed.  Camouflage raisins!

Remember a few weeks back when I ranted and raved about chocolate?  Of course you do!
I'm always on about something.

Guittard chocolate.  I now buy it whenever I am in need of a chocolate they make   Why?  What's the big deal?  I was astonished and horrified to learn there was a movement underfoot amongst certain big name chocolate companies a few years ago.  The goal: to get the FDA to change the definition of chocolate, allowing other oils to be substituted for cocoa butter.

Which is more than a little annoying since cocoa butter is pretty much what makes chocolate, chocolate.
Cocoa butter is expensive so this meant massive profits ahead.  Guittard is a family company and they steadfastly refused, starting a Don't Mess With Our Chocolate campaign..  I'm sure they as much as the next company could use a bigger profit margin but the family held firm to keep the integrity of chocolate.  And so now I buy it whenever I can.
The End

After chilling,  rolling, smooshing and baking the delicious dough, this is what you get.  
Yummy yummy cookies.
And ice cream sandwiches if you wish.

The Baking Bible is available to buy at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 


  1. Brilliant idea to turn these into ice cream sandwiches

  2. Ditto! Brilliant idea. I too love Guittard chocolate. I really only buy their chips for cookies. I've met Gary a few times and like that it's a family business too.

  3. We had the same idea, to turn these into ice cream sandwiches! I loved the chocolate covered It's-It. Hmmm, maybe we can try that! Guittard used to be my go-to chocolate, too.

  4. uhmmm maybe if I added ice cream to these I would have liked them? Glad that you had a hit with these. I'm battling zero in the cookie category in the book *sigh*

  5. Your cookies look perfect!! Great idea with ice-cream!! Why didn't i think of that?

  6. Yes Vicki, a brilliant idea to make ice cream sandwiches. Maybe I would have liked them better. Funny: "It's it". And BTW, these are only 4 points each. Not bad.

  7. What a great post. Guittard chocolate is the best in my opinion. Ice cream sandwich? Absolutely!

  8. What a lovely idea! And orange oil? Perfect. I will make these again with orange oil and will perhaps bake them for a shorter period. I love your rants, they are educational!

  9. Gasps!! You didn't weigh the ingredients?!?! Hehe.. just teasing you...

    Great post Vicki! I didn't know about the cocoa butter-less chocolate petition. That is horrible. There's something similar with Olive Oil where a lot of Olive Oils out there aren't actually other oils masquerading as Olive Oil. Crazy!

    Your cookies looks great and so cute as ice cream sandwich.