Sunday, March 8, 2015

Caramel Buns

 This week the Alpha Bakers make Caramel Buns.  I've made cinnamon rolls in the past for my kids on
Christmas morning.
Cinnamon Rolls
  Filled with preservatives, artificial flavorings and dye, it was a rare treat.  Being able to make homemade rolls is so much better.

Book in hand, I plotted out the steps like the Panettone.  This recipe, while seeming to be complicated, actually turned out not to be complicated at all, once it was sorted through and the brunch instruction clarified by Nancy on FB.  The rolls start with a Brioche dough.

Brioche sponge blanketed with flour mixture waiting to break through like lava. 

After the first warm rise. .

Rolling and filling after an overnight stay in the frig.

Using plastic wrap to provide even tension while.rolling since I didn't have a plastic ruler.  The dough was covered in a cinnamon, brown sugar and pecan mixture.  Golden raisins.soaked in water and kalua for two days in the frig were sprinkled over the top.  (Still trying to finish off the kalua leftover from Heavenly Cake days.)  They were nice and plump and had such a mild flavor. During the reduction of the raisin syrup I added a half tablespoon of Lyle's Golden Syrup.  It significantly enriched the flavor.

                                                        Proofed and ready for the oven.

                                               Waiting for the delectable raisin butter glaze.

                       Drizzled with the decadent caramel sauce and adorned with toasted pecans,  we sprinkled a bit of sea salt.  It really set off the caramel.

                      Pillsbury  may have lost a  cinnamon roll customer but gained a bread flour one..  So far everyone who has tried them can't believe the caramel.

The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble


  1. Vicki, your caramel buns look awesome! BTW, I noticed your tiny pink rolling pin!! So cute! Is it yours or your grand-daughter's?

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is my granddaughter's. It's the only non stick one in the house so I used it! Worked super well.

  2. Vicki, Ok for real now, I need to really work on my rectangle rolling.. Faithy, Jenn and you perfect rolling.. mine not so much. I give up even trying to measure the stuff, I eye ball it and hope for the best. Maybe that is why I came out with 13 buns instead of 12 And the still linked circle of buns look so pretty.

  3. It wasn't perfect dimensions and I had to fold one side back and re roll then gave up. Figured it was good enough. Not even sizes but they all were done and none burned.

  4. sea salt....duh! that would have been perfect.

  5. Pillsbury lost a customer - yesssss! Your caramel buns looks scrumptious. Agree with Monica that your dough square is perfection!

  6. Your absolutely right, nothing like a home made anything!!! your wreath buns look so the sea salt touch.

  7. Hi Vicki: Your buns look gorgeous! I didn't keep mine in the tidy ring, I should have thought of that! I love this recipe. The dough is the only real time consuming part. I made some extra rolls and froze them, shaped, in the pan. Here's hoping they rise and bake well once defrosted.

  8. I used Lyle's instead of corn syrup in my sticky caramel glaze. Love that stuff. I really like your idea of using Kahlua instead of rum. Good choice!

    Patricia @ ButterYum

  9. Vicki, your buns look amazing! Great color, perfect rise. I like the idea of Kahlua as well but I used Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and loved the flavor, I agree with all above that salt is a welcomed ingredient. I'll make a note for next time - again, lovely presentation

  10. Hi Vicki, drizzling the caramel sauce is not how it happened in my house. We dunked the brioche in the caramel sauce, in a sort of gluttonous way. Beautiful buns (wink).

  11. Your buns are made into ring buns! How lovely! I especially love the sticky caramel!