Monday, December 29, 2014

Frozen Pecan Tartlettes

It's a cold foggy morning and I'm having tea with Rose's Frozen Pecan Tart, uh hum, make that tartlette.  These little gems nearly didn't happen.  I thought I was prepared with golden syrup and a tart pan.  The cupboard still held a bottle of golden syrup from the Heavenly Cake days, problem was the bottle was shy of the needed amount.  Not one of the many nearby grocery stores had any golden syrup then I read  Mendy's post about adding molasses.  

I rolled out the dough and measured the pan as an after thought, and found it to be 10 1/2 inches. The wrestling match with the dough began.  I was about to toss it all and forget the entire venture when I remembered there was a Nordic Ware tartlette pan lurking in a cupboard, rationalizing that a little is better than nothing, and so my What. The. Boody. Hell. attitude kicked in..

I read somewhere that pennies are great pie weights because they are light and good conductors of heat.   Filled little cupcake papers keeping fingers crossed.  

The Nordic Ware pan is dark metal which always makes me twitchy,  so I lowered the temperature
 twenty -five degrees and like an over protective mother hen, constantly checked them. 

So far so good, on to the egg cracking. 

This is the Crack'em gizmo Rose spoke about in the video on her website.
I bought a few for stocking stuffers and it works really well. 

After reading how Monica added a bit of booze to her pecan concoction, I looked through the cabinet of left over dormant bottles from HCB days and found Kahlua.  Voila!  Oh my gosh!  It really rounded out the flavor which is pretty funny considering the most I ever drink is Amaretto but there was none of that.  

It feels a bit naughty and sacrilegious to fiddle about with Rose's recipes but by this time I was so over the edge that sticking to the recipe was the least of my concerns.  How to cover the dozen tartlettes in the Nordic Ware to prevent the crust edges from burning was the big concern.  A sheet of foil with center holes cut out over each tartlette was the best I could conjure up.  Again I lowered the temperature for baking and constantly prodded them with the instant read thermometer.  

A side of chocolate is good with these guys so I may go back and drizzle them.  This dough and I are going to have another go round for a proper sized tart.  This is without a doubt the best pecan tart/tartlette/pie I have ever tasted.  


  1. I actually toyed with the idea of scaling the recipe down and making tartletes, but I didn't have time to look for tartlette pans. Oh, and the first big tart pan I pulled from the cabinet was 11 inches in diameter.... glad I had the proper size tucked away in there too. When you get a chance, I'd love it if you would stop by and see my post.

    Take care,
    Patricia @ ButterYum|/roses-alpha-bakers

  2. You must be a Girl Scout!! (I am!) I am so impressed by how you overcame hurdle after hurdle to make this recipe! Your tartletts look beautiful, so glad to see how they turned out in a dainty size. When I joined the Alpha Bakers, I assumed I would be drawn and quartered for making any changes to the recipes--so glad that I'm not the only one with a "What.The.Bloody.Hell." attitude, as you put it so well!! Wishing you a happy new year--Michele

  3. What a great post. Love your attitude and of course Kahlua fixes everything.

  4. wow!! you made small cupcake sizes , they look very nice and great idea and have a happy new year 2015 ...Maggie

  5. If I could have lent you my tart pan, I would have. I certainly get your frustrations with equipment and missing ingredients. No matter, you pulled the rabbit out of the hat, and they look delicious.

  6. I like the idea of tartlets. Maybe it's the higher pastry to filling ratio - cuts the sweetness of the filling.

  7. Vicki - your tartlets are just ADORABLE! I love "mini" things so was just oohing and aahing through your whole post. I know what size I'll be making next time. So cute!

    I love the idea of adding molasses too. Can't wait to try this recipe again - as tartlets - and add some molasses.

  8. My husband thought these would be best as tartlets, so I'm glad someone made them as such! I have that same "what the hell" attitude, especially as a baking project wears on and my patience thins. I wanted to add bourbon but I will make sure to note that Kahlua works too! Good to know about pennies, too. Finally a use for them! :)

  9. what clever solutions! next time you might want to break up the nuts a bit so that you can fit more in. just an idea. and i love that you are using Crack'em. i used it on a duck egg the other day. they're always a bit more difficult to crack due to thicker shells but it worked perfectly.

    1. Yes, definitely chopping the nuts would be better, thank you. Easier to control the adding of the golden syrup mixture, too. I used a baster to remove excess! Already getting requests for another batch.

  10. ב''ה

    Your perseverance and ingenuity are inspiring. Love your tartlets!

  11. Such a good idea to make them small!! I would do that too..maybe i should try making them like this and give away.