Monday, December 22, 2014

Almond Coffee Crisps

Everyone likes these cookies!  I easily could have doubled the recipe as quickly as they disappeared.

This was actually an easy cookie for a child to help make. I used a mini Cuisinart.  Perfect for little hands to pulse on and off.  Kids love to get their hands into dough and rolling them into balls was pure delight.  A plate easily smooshed them into shape under wax paper.  Chilling the dough, before and after rolling,  in the freezer didn't make any difference in how much they spread.  The butter was Trader Joe's brand and is not a particularly high fat one. Baking them high in the oven helped them not to brown so quickly after I burned the first batch. 

Pulling the cookies straight off the pan to cool while still on parchment was easier for me than trying to remove them with a spatula.   The only change I made was shaving dark chocolate on top instead of brushing them with coffee powder. 

I appreciated the simplicity of this recipe in the final days of the holiday run-up. 


  1. I like your idea of adding shaved chocolates! You are so creative! Next time i'll do that.. the coffee powder didn't stick!

  2. Chocolate instead of espresso powder--what a great idea!! I would have loved that! It was a nice, simple recipe, wasn't it? Although I insisted on making it a little more complicated for myself....see the details at! Best wishes for a happy holiday!