Monday, October 12, 2015

The Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart

I wasn't looking forward 
to making this ultra chocolate tart.
I am dark chocolate-ed out,
which is odd since it's my favorite.

                                                         And then I found out this is                                                          National Chocolate Week
in the UK.
Not day but week!
So it seemed very appropriate indeed
to bake this today
if I can't be frolicking around London.

First up was making chocolate pate sucree
which is basically a very nice soft
chocolate cookie dough and 
lining a two piece tart pan.

While that was off for a chill in the frig,
the Fudgy Pudgy ingredients
were assembled.
White chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa powder
butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt
toasted pecans, flour.

Butter, chocolates and cocoa powder
in a double boiler over hot water.
I call this step
Chocolate Zen Stirring

Tipped into the mixing bowl with 
sugar and eggs and then the dry ingredients
stirred in with the final addition of the pecans.

Poured into the unbaked tart shell
it was ready to bake.

Since the tart pan was a ten inch instead of nine,
I tested the temperature at the minimum bake time,
but it wasn't done.
Smelled lovely!

This last step was perhaps over the top,
as in covering the thermometer holes
in an otherwise perfect crust surface
with milk chocolate caramel ganache,
languishing in the freezer.

This brownie tart is delicious
and would be perfect 
topped with coffee ice cream,
salty caramel gelato or
Steve's Bourbon Vanilla ice cream. 
Off to the store and
then to share this meltingly
fudgy brownie wrapped in a tart.
Rose Levy Beranbaum


  1. I've been thinking about pairing this testy with the leftover caramel sauce. This is a great dessert to share.

  2. Wow, the ganache really would take it over the top! I like the idea of chocolate zen mixing - very similar to custard zen stirring or toffee zen stirring ( although toffee doesn't inspire me with much zen).