Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almond Shamah Chiffon Part Deux

Yesterday while baking Miss Almond Shamah, I noticed Rose's Plan Ahead notation.

"For best flavor, compose the cake 1 day ahead."

I wondered if that meant to make the cake base with the Amaretto syrup or put the cake together with the raspberry whip cream frosting. My husband and I debated the pros and cons. He thought the cake should be made in its entirety, I wondered if the whipping cream would slide off. Turns out, he was correct. This morning I checked the leftover cake to see how the flavor was after resting overnight. It was even more delicious. The raspberry and almond flavors tasted sharper, more distinct.

Today, after reading through all the Heavenly Bakers' experiences, I pondered why I go amiss in the middle of recipes. No one else seems to have any problem remembering details. It then hit me like a ton of butter.

There are five learning styles in education. I didn't apply the same principle to baking. Now I get it. I'm a visual/kinesthetic combo which means I have to see it in action and do it repeatedly for something to sink in. Plus, the times I did bake as a kid was out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook. Betty didn't trust her bakers and gave a heads up when an ingredient was divided, how much to divide, and what to save it for. With this knowledge I am going to label all mis en place ingredients so I quit ending up with a big mess en place.

Next time I make Almond Shamah Chiffon it will be a day in advance and give her my full, undivided attention. She's a high maintenance cake but she's worth it.


  1. Well done. Your cake looks great, don't feel to bad. By accident I put 3/4 of all the whipped cream on the bottom layer instead of just 3/4 of a cup.

  2. "Hit me like a pound of butter" - haha!

  3. don't be too hard on yourself--i once forgot to add the carrot to the carrot cake until after i poured the batter into their pans! then i noticed a big bowl of grated carrot on the counter...

    kudos to you for persevering and baking a delicious cake!

  4. ya, don't feel bad and be too hard on yourself! I make mistakes all the time too. Sometimes, i forget to put in the eggs or even the sugar when i have them all measured out on the counter! Go figure! But it does happen! I must be day-dreaming or something! Even with me doing the mis en place, i still manages to miss one ingredient out somehow! LOL! If it made you feel any better, i forgot to add in sugar in my cake batter yesterday (you'll read about it in due course..lol!..it's one of the upcoming cakes!! baked them earlier cos' i'll be going away for hols)!